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Frequently Asked Questions

WELCOME to our naked world! If you are already a naturist, you know to expect a great group of friendly guys who will treat you with respect. Or is this your first naked adventure? If so, rest assured that once your clothes are off, you may never want to put them on again. We are not a sex club, and you will not feel like you are in a beauty or "endowment" contest.


All interested males who are gay-friendly (or curious) should feel comfortable in this setting. It is not a beauty or "endowment" contest.

Participants must be at least 21 years of age.


A festive small-party atmosphere with emphasis on casual meeting and conversation. Events vary, and we are always ready to host naturist male events in the Syracuse area similar to those sponsored by similar organizations throughout the nation.- Refreshments or pot luck meals, depending upon the individual event description (see Calendar of Events). If you don't cook, don't worry. Food is fun, but not our focus.

Attendance generally ranges from twenty to thirty people, and is always congenial. Even our smaller gatherings have been delightfully friendly. There is never a moment of awkward silence at our events!

This is a social naturist event to promote friendship and naked comradery. It is not a sex party.


You need wear only a smile and your nicest behavior.

If you do not care to go barefoot, wear socks which you will find warm and comfortable in case the host has a shoes-off residence.

Be sure to bring a towel on which to sit - standard practice among naturists worldwide. A towel shows respect for the host's seating surfaces and makes you more comfortable as well.

The host will indicate a room or area in which to disrobe and leave your clothes. At naturist events, one takes off clothes almost immediately upon arriving. One does not wait for any length of time for the mood to strike. By getting matter-of-factly naked the moment you arrive, you join in our spirit of healthy, genuinely social nudism.

There is nothing wrong with a HINT of costume or flattering apparel (a cap, for example, or anything from filmy scarves to a little leather). But, to put it bluntly, if you plan to cover your backside or your privates, you will be happier at another event, and will be asked to leave. Thongs, jockstraps, bikinis and the like are not relevant attire. Be naked.

Some new guests seem slightly anxious about how they might "measure up," and they ask if "rings" are appropriate. Of course! But only if that adds to your fun. You will find that we are not voyeurs, nor do we carry rulers: we are too busy enjoying one another's company to worry about such things.


Don't wait until the last minute to decide. New guests must consult with us well in advance of the event. Regular members know to confirm as early as possible, so that the host can plan for the number of guests expected.

Don't be late without warning your host that you cannot arrive on time. It is NOT fashionable to come to our events an hour after they begin. Why? Because the host must answer the door and coordinate parking. Depending upon the location and setting, the host may not be able to take his clothes off until you have arrived. Within ten or twenty minutes of the official starting time, most if not all guests have usually arrived. Wouldn't it be handy if every party and bar operated this way!

Don't get nervous and show up at the door drunk and offensive (hey - it happens!). Such persons will not be admitted. This is a warm, intelligent group of well-behaved naturists.

Don't worry - just come and have fun! Guys do this by the hundreds everywhere, and we hope to see you soon.

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